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Clockwize Online is at the very cutting edge of the worldwide market of online/digital/mobile distribution of music, videos, audiobooks and entertainment. Mainly through downloads, streaming, iPhone apps, games etc. on all your favorite online music/video outlets and through all sorts of services on mobile partners worldwide.

Clockwize Online is your professional partner bringing you the best of your digital master rights through to consumers worldwide through direct connection with all the major online outlets and mobile partners worldwide accounting your royalties fast and daily sales info online, providing lots of extra features and knowledge about your customers for your marketing toolbox.

Authorized iPhone App Developer

ClockwizeOnline has now taken a giant step into the world of iPhone apps. We are now authorized iPhone app developers and offers all sorts of customized iPhone applications for your company, band, artist or the like.

Audiobooks - the new black.... almost

The audiobook market is exploding at the moment and we are of course already offering a wide range of services in this field - from production and encoding to online sales outlets, marketing etc. Clockwize Online offers sales on all the most important outlets - both in Scandinavia and internationally.

TDC PLAY - the hot topic on the worldwide music industry scene

TDC PLAY has been acknowledged all over the world as a fantastic subscription system that gives both labels, artists and costumers brilliant services in the all-you-can-eat model for "free". The system has been highly recommended by leading music professionals all over the world.